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“Decolonizing the Music Room presents Black Lives Matter, Music Ed, and Current Discourse: A Discussion about Dialogue in our Field | Tuesday, June 30th | 6pm Central Time

Regardless of where you are in your consciousness of the events of the world, the shift of awareness towards naming the racialized injustices BBIP students and peers(Black, Brown, and Indigenous People), especially those who are Black, face daily and in our classrooms and community is undeniable. Discussions amongst educators vary from seeking knowledge and understanding, to philosophies and counter-philosophies, to seeking pragmatic best practices to immediately apply next fall. It is important to understand that these elements of our discourse cannot be separated nor skipped over if we are to truly enact systemic change in our profession. 
Join us for a panel discussion, facilitated by Brandi Pace, Executive Director of Decolonizing the Music Room (DTMR), on the current discourse of music educators as seen through the lens of the Black Lives Matter movement and the lived-experience of the panelists: Lorelei Batislaong (Deputy Director, DTMR); Chris Mena; Syreeta Neal; Alice Tsui; and John Grimsley.

We will air the discussion live on the Decolonizing the Music Room Facebook and DTMR Youtube channel. “

IAMT Spring Newsletter 2020

The IAMT’s Spring 2020 Newsletter is here! To see the exec. board’s reports, news on upcoming conferences, and another look at this quarter’s Member Spotlight click this link.

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IAMT Executive Board 2020-2021

IAMT is happy to announce the new executive board starting on January 1st:

President: Deb Soszko
Vice President: Mia Iliopoulos
Secretary: Ava Marvin
Treasurer: Alyssa Ott

Congratulations and thank you to those willing to serve!

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