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Whether you are a board certified music therapist (MT-BC), a student or professional interested in entering the field, an individual seeking music therapy services or you just want to learn more about the music therapy profession in Illinois, we are here to help!

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Deborah Soszko, MT-BC
Neurologic Music Therapist
President of the Illinois Association for Music Therapy

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This year, the IAMT has reduced our membership prices to support our music therapy community. Current prices are as follows:

Professional Member $15
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To continue to support those impacted by COVID-19, the IAMT has compiled a list of resources, ranging from financial, to professional, to emotional support, that can be used by Illinois MT-BCs and their families.

The IAMT has also recently compiled information for those MT-BCs now navigating telehealth services. This document offers insight into the many platforms available for telehealth and specific tips on how to utilize them to deliver music therapy services in a way that works best for you.