GLR Assembly of Delegates

The Great Lakes Region holds 16 seats on the AMTA Assembly of Delegates and the Delegates for the 2024-2025 term are listed below:

  • Rebecca Barnard, PhD, MT-BC (IN)
  • Anthony Borzi, MA, MT-BC (OH)
  • Kellee Coviak Hansen, MS, MT-BC (MI)
  • Alison Deran, MA, MT-BC (OH)
  • Becky Engen, PhD, MT-BC (WI)
  • Amy Foley, MMT, MT-BC (IN)
  • Rebecca Freiman, MA, MT-BC (IL)*
  • Leigh Ann Fuller, MA, MT-BC (IN)
  • Mia Iliopoulos Krings, MM, MT-BC (IL)**
  • Melaine Pohlman, MT-BC (IL)*
  • Lee Anna Rasar, WMTR, MT-BC, (WI)
  • Mark Richins, MM, MT-BC (IN)
  • Laurel Rosen-Weatherford, MM, MT-BC, (MI)
  • Ericha Rupp MT-BC (MN)
  • Bernadette Skodack, MM, MT-BC (MI)
  • Edward Todd Schwartzberg M.Ed, MT-BC (MN)

GLR Assembly of Delegates Alternates

  • Monika Hunziker-Schane, MT-BC (OH)
  • Karen Miller, MM, MT-BC (IN)
  • Michael J. Silverman, PhD, MT-BC (MN)
  • Emily Theurer, MT-BC (IN)

*IAMT Members 

**will serve as Assistant Speaker to the Assembly on the AMTA Board of Directors

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