GLR Assembly of Delegates

The Great Lakes Region holds 15 seats on the AMTA Assembly of Delegates and the Delegates for the 2022-2023 term are listed below:

Rebecca Barnard (IN)
Debbie Bates (OH)
Sharon Boyle (IN)
Tanya Corso (OH)
Kellee Coviak Hansen (MI)
Allison Gunnink (IL)*
Mia Iliopoulos (IL) **
Jennifer Jones (IL)*
Larisa McHugh (OH)
Julie Palmieri (MI)
Melaine Pohlman (IL)- automatically seated as GLR President*
Michael Silverman (MN)
Bernadette Skodack (MI)
Todd Schwartzberg (MN)
Tracy Richardson (IN)
Jeffrey Wolfe (IL)*

Assembly Alternates (Listed Alphabetically):
Becky Engen (WI)
Kyle Fleming (IL)*
Tamra Fricke (WI)
Amanda Henley (IN)
Monika Hunziker-Schane (OH)
Makenzie Kojis (WI)
Brianna Larsen (MN)
Kristin Lindaman (IL)*
Chelsea Mabes (IN)
Karen Miller (IN)
Carol Olszewski (OH)
Cara Paden (IL)*
Jennifer Pinson (IN)
Lee Anna Rasar (WI)
Laurel Rosen Weatherford (MI)
Ericha Rupp (MN)
Emily Sevcik (IL)*
Mary Stryck (WI)
Emily Theurer (IN)

*IAMT Members 

**will serve as an Assembly Representative on the Board of Directors

For more information or to contact the delegates click here.

To see the 2020 AMTA Board of Directors and Assembly of Delegates Annual Board Book, click here.