Membership Benefits


Membership includes discounts on CMTEs, access to the member newsletters, financial supports, and other great resources!

Pricing are as follows:

Professional Member $27.50
Associate Member $18
Retired Member $12
Intern Member $12
Student Member $12
Student Club $50

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Are you currently a Board Certified Music Therapist living and working in Illinois? Or are you a Board Certified Music Therapist who is planning on moving to Illinois? Are you a student studying to become a Music Therapist? Or are you interested in supporting the profession of Music Therapy? If you answered yes to any of these questions then membership in the Illinois Association for Music Therapy is just for you. Building on the IAMT mission, there are many benefits to IAMT membership:

Advocacy: A strong, united voice through IAMT! IAMT is connected to the regional and national Government Relations and Advocacy efforts. Your IAMT membership will ensure you are up to date with current information and efforts.

Networking: Being a member gives you access to other music therapists and colleges throughout the state of Illinois through directories, listservs and networking. This is helpful in many ways, such as having resources to connect with for ideas in treatment, information about different diagnosis, and current news in the field.

Website: The IAMT website includes many features to serve your needs:

  • Learn of upcoming IAMT events; including upcoming CMTE opportunities
  • View job openings in Illinois through our Job Hotline
  • Add your name to the Find A Therapist page that can be accessed by community consumers seeking services and further information
  • In the Members Only Section stay current on all Government Relations and Advocacy efforts.
  • Gain access to a large list of music therapy blogs and podcasts

Newsletter: IAMT offers a quarterly newsletter. The IAMT newsletter includes updates on what music therapists in Illinois are doing to promote music therapy in their area, information about upcoming events, member and student spotlights, opportunities for awards and scholarships, Shout Outs, and letters from the IAMT board with current information about what is being done in our state.

Membership Directory: The IAMT membership directory includes all names of current members, their contact information, place of work, and the populations served. It also lists the current IAMT board and their contact information. As well, IAMT Members in Private Practice are listed in the Private Practice Directory. Both of these directories are found in the Members Only section of our Website.

Opportunities for Professional Social Networking: IAMT is connected to its members through an Email listserv, Facebook, and Twitter.

Discount Rates: As an Approved Provider through CBMT, IAMT offer its members discounted rates for CMTE credits and conference participation. IAMT members can save over $150 in CBMT fees! IAMT focuses on offering 2 -3 CMTE presentations throughout the year that are in various locations throughout the state. Topics and speakers are chosen based on the Needs Assessments of members and participants.

We look forward to your involvement in our organization. Your participation will make a huge difference as we continue our mission!