Events & CMTEs


Registration is now open for our Spring 2022 CMTE. The CMTE will be virtual on Zoom Wednesday May 11th from 5-8PM CST.
This CMTE is being provided through the awesome people at Enlighten CE and through our partnership we are able to provide the discounted rate for our members.

For more information about the CMTE, click here.

And here are the links for members to register:
Students/Interns:  (registration fee: $10)Professionals: (registration fee: $45)

*Grievance Policy and Procedures:

1. The mission of the Continuing Education program of the Illinois Association for Music Therapy is to provide high quality educational activities for music therapists in the state of Illinois, thus facilitating their professional growth and continuing certification as Music Therapists.

2. Grievance Procedures

  • Any participant in an IAMT educational activity may file a grievance
  • Grievances include payment or CMTEs received
  • Grievances must be submitted in writing to the Continuing Education Chairperson no later than 30 days after the Educational Activity in question.
  • A response by the Approved Provider will be made in writing within 30 days of receipt of the initial statement.

3. Appeal Procedures

  • A participant has the right to appeal the decision made by the Approved Provider regarding a grievance.
  • An appeal of the decision may be filed through a written letter to the Continuing Education Chairperson.
  • The Continuing Education Chairperson will present this appeal to the Illinois Association for Music Therapy Executive Board for further deliberation and following this deliberation the Executive Board together with the Continuing Education Chairperson will respond in writing to the participant who appealed

If this grievance continues to be unresolved the participant may appeal to the CBMT’s Continuing Education Committee.