Financial Support Application

The Illinois Association for Music Therapy endeavors to support our membership in any way we can. One way we can support our members is by providing financial support in the event that a member encounters financial hardship, or a disaster such as flooding, fire, etc. If either of these instances befalls yourself or your music therapy practice, you are eligible to receive funds from our Financial Support or Disaster Relief Reserves. Please reach out to us if you find yourself in a time of need. 
To apply for Financial Support an applicant must:
  1. Be a current member of the Illinois Association for Music Therapy.
  2. Be a board-certified music therapist living in Illinois.
  3. Participate in a brief interview with our Member at Large to establish eligibility for this fund.

Please provide your contact information below. The IAMT Member at Large will be in contact with you for an interview to further explore your eligibility for this fund.

Please login to your IAMT membership portal to access this application.