A photo of Natasha Foley

Natasha Foley, MT-BC

Where do you work and who are your patients?A photo of Natasha Foley
I work at Heartland Hospice in Rockford, servicing North Central Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We have a census of 200+ and I’m currently our only music therapist at this office.

What inspired you to become a Music Therapist?
I’ve always loved to sing, and realized that music therapy could be a way for me to use music to help people! The only knowledge I had of music therapy in high school before doing more research was knowing the protagonist in ‘Sing Me Home’ was a music therapist. I wasn’t inspired to be a hospice music therapist until I had the experience of bringing instruments to visit my Grandma with Alzheimer’s and my family saw her respond so positively! Seeing how music can help the family too, and volunteering in hospice in college both showed me that hospice was the population I wanted to work with.

Have you experienced music to be therapeutic yourself?
Sometimes I think I forget to listen to music because I spend the whole workday using music, but when I remember to listen to music it always is so therapeutic. I made a playlist of “good headspace songs” that I listen to in the car when I’m heading to or leaving a stressful visit that includes songs I know always put me in a positive headspace.

What are your hobbies?
My hobbies include crafting and making jewelry. Since I’m pretty freshly out of my internship, I’m living in the first apartment I’ve had to furnish. So I’ve been doing several DIY decorations that make my apartment a happy and colorful place to come home to!

What is your favorite self-care activity?
My favorite self-care activity is just being outside. I enjoy going for hikes in Rock Cut State Park, which is a large park very close to me. I also enjoy sitting on my balcony and watching the sunset. There’s something about taking even a few minutes to pause and breathe and be outside that is so calming and grounding. It’s so important working in hospice to take that time to detox, be present, and remember why I love what I do!