A photo of Regan Thompson

Regan Thompson, MT-BC

A photo of Regan ThompsonWhere do you work and who are your clients? I work at Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care in Illinois where I’ve been for the last two years. I work with our hospice patients in the western suburbs of Chicago. My patients range anywhere from 21- 103 depending on who is receiving hospice services. 

What inspired you to become a music therapist? Honestly, I’ve grown up around the medical field with my mom as a nurse. I grew up playing piano and taking voice lessons. When I heard about music therapy it really felt like what I was called to do. I knew I wanted to work as a music therapist in the medical and/or psych field. 

How have you experienced music to be therapeutic yourself? I think I use music almost every day as therapy for myself. Whether it’s between patients to recenter myself or to get out of a space that I’m in, or to get me motivated to workout or run, I am using music daily in my own life. 

Who is your role model? I think I’d have to say one of my older friends who has lived more life than me. She inspires me to be a good mom, to be a better wife and to better myself while also giving myself grace. 

What are your hobbies? I love working out and running. It’s my stress reliever. I love running races whenever I can but really prefer running in the winter months. 

What is your favorite self-care activity? Probably the same as above. Running and working out.